Support Services

The help and support we can give is limited - primarily because we are all volunteers and there is only so much time we can donate. Because of this we do operate "priority-points" system (see our policy below).

Support Services are a natural follow-on for those who attend our meetings. This can range from relationship advice through to help with (court) case handling and management, through to assisting at court for those who are representing themselves.

If you are not representing yourself, but have a solicitor, we can also give advice on getting the best value-for-money when using professional services such as a solicitor.

Support can be requested through our contact page. When you contact us in the first instance please give us an indication of where you qualify in our our priority rankings (see our policy below) - or at least admit if you don't!!

Our Policy in respect of Off-Line Help

As we have said, we are all volunteers so have a priority system in place.   with all priority systems tho', they can become a little complex.  So, priorities are initially assessed on:

  • Those who would are attending Branch Meetings
  • Those residing in our coverage area of Bristol, Gloucestershire (including South Gloucestershire), and Somerset
  • Those who have a case listed in one of the courts within our coverage area

Within the classification above, we do try to give priority to:

  • primarily, FNF Members
  • those who cannot get legal aid and for whom finances are stretched

However, as already mentioned, this help is given by volunteers and so resources can become somewhat stretched. You are encouraged to join FNF and make full use of the support forum.