What We Do


Primarily, we hold meetings each month in Bristol and Bath to provide help and advice. This can be on any aspect of handling relationship problems, through to legal advice and help with the court system.

Invariably, pro-bono (free) advice is available from solicitors who attend our meetings: in Bristol, Battrick Clarke and in Bath, TLT. However, we are aware that in some cases your ex-partner may be represented by them. If this is the case, please feel free to come along, but make sure we know. We'll be extremely tactful in all aspects of any discussion of your case.

FNF is a charity and our meeting are open to all. They are free, but we always welcome donations to help defray our expenses!! All are welcome, including current partners, parents and friends.


From time-to-time we also hold workshops on aspects to do with maintaining a relationship with your child(ren). These will be publicised as and when we arrange them.

Also, there are those who will help individuals on a one-to-one basis outside of the monthly meeting, especially where court cases are involved. This cannot be gauranteed as it is up to the individual providing the help what time they are willing to give, but if you come along to our meetings we will always do our best to help.

Support Services

The help and support we can give is limited - primarily because we are all volunteers and there is only so much time we can donate.

Support Services are a natural follow-on for those who attend our meetings. This can range from relationship advice through to help with (court) case handling and management, through to assisting at court for those who are representing themselves.

If you are not representing yourself, but have a solicitor, we can also give advice on getting the best value-for-money when using professional services such as a solicitor.

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Involvement in Working Parties

We are involved in initiatives within the Family Law system to improve the way in which it operates. We participate in the local Family Court User Group and have also taken part in CAFCASS inspections as a stakeholder user group.