The reasons FNF exists is because of the problems some family members experience in maintaining contact with related children when a parental relationship breaks down. Some of this isn't helped by the law or government organisations applying it.

At FNF Bristol we'd advise those with contact problems to be wary about using their own case as part of a campaign. Success is more often than not achieved by knowing how to deal with "the system" rather than how to change it. However, change needs change initiators!

Currently, at Branch level, we aren't involved in much campaigning. However, that's more because at the moment there is no-one with a fervent desire to become involved. Nevertheless, we are involved with the local Family Justice Council and have been asked to participate in independant reviews of local CAFCASS Services.

If you'd like to become involved in local campaigning, speak to a committee member at one of the meetings or fire off an e-mail. Contact details are on out contact page.